Why Your Business Needs Zero Trust Model Security!

Fox Pass
1 min readJul 18, 2022


Zero trust model network system can be defined as the security concept that is based on the idea that businesses shouldn’t have immediately trust any object or any individual user. Whether inside and outside of its boundaries everything must be properly verified before providing access.

There are some reasons why businesses need these security system following:

1) In the Modern Enterprise, Perimeter-Based Security is Ineffective.

2) The Need for Shared Security Responsibility in Cloud Data Centers

3) Applications Provided by Third Parties for SaaS and PaaS Cannot Be Blindly Trusted

4) Unsecured Networks Include the Internet Network

5) Nobody in the Growing Workforce Should Have Complete Access

6) All WFH Environments’ Security Status Cannot Be Verified

7) BYOD Devices Are Less Secure Than Work Devices

8) Cyberattacks are on the Rise

9) Advanced Persistent Threats are Evolving and Become More Complex

10) The Risks To Security are Greater



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