Zero Trust Model is a network security framework that works on securing the network system on an authentication basis. It is a security system that requires details of all the users, whether in or outside the organization’s network, each of them needs to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration whenever they try to access the data within a network.

Zero Trust Model works and believes that there is no traditional network edge.

It is a significant network framework that is based on the principle that states, ‘Trust but verify. This system was introduced because the traditional approach used to believe and allow trusted users to access the ingo which has led to breaching and certain security crimes, so Zero Trust Model was introduced. This model has become dated with the cloud migration of business transformation initiatives nowadays.

Zero Trust lays stress on and wants organizations to continuously monitor and validate the users and their device each time they try to use the information. It believes that one-time validation is not enough to avoid threats.

Zero Trust Model


Here are some tips to introduce Zero Trust Model to your network systems.

1. Asses the organisation:

By this, it means you should assess your organization and the kind of security network it needs. Identify the gaps within your security network and implement the security protocols on that basis.

2. Create a directory of all assets:

Form a directory protocol that would help you identify the map structure of the system. Review all the authentication protocols which would help you to find and locate all the loose ends and will help you enforce the methods that would upgrade your outdated network.

3. Establish preventive measures:

To establish preventive measures you can follow or use following techniques-

  1. Multi Factor authentication

2. Least privilege principles

3. Microsegmentation



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