FreeRADIUS is one of the most used and developed RADIUS servers in the world. This network system was formed in the year 1999 by Miquel van Smoorenburg and Alan DeKok. The FreeRADIUS network is responsible for providing internet services and network authentication to almost one-third of internet users all over the world.

Over 100 million people use FreeRADIUS on a daily basis to access the internet. It is actually a project which works and aims to provide more authentication ways and types than any other open-source server. The freeRADIUS project focuses on providing its users with :

  1. New Models Development.
  2. Submission of New Models.
  3. Patch Issues.

FreeRADIUS, being the network provider for the majority of the population, becomes somewhat necessary to keep a check on its functioning and to keep a track of its server testing and monitoring tools. These tools are used to keep a track of the system in use and to keep a check on the server’s performance as well. Server testing tools help one to check the initial configuration of the server and they can also help in changing the configuration settings.

Here are five server testing and mentoring tools for FreeRADIUS -

  1. NTRadPing.
  2. Radclient and radtest.
  3. Radlogin from IEA software.
  4. RadPerf.
  5. RADIUS test rig utility.

1.NTRadPing — NTRadPing is a server installation testing tool used to checkout the installation of freeRADIUS server. This testing tool is offered by MasterSost which is an Italian software brand.

NTRadPing acts as a NAS client as it helps one to stimulate account authentication and accounting requests.

2.Radclient and Radtest — Both of these are client command-line programs that are included as a part of FreeRADIUS project. They are used to monitor the configuration changes in the server. Additionally, it is also used to see whether the server is working or not.

3.Radlogin from IEA Software — This testing tool is offered free of cost from IEA software, they are the developers of Radius NT and RadiusX servers. Just like other FreeRADIUS server testing tools radlogin can too send basic authentication accounting and disconnecting requests. This tool is also used for load testing as well.

4.RadPerf — This testing tool is provided by Network RADIUS SARL. It is a freeRADIUS consulting company. It is a command-based client program designed to check the load testing for RADIUS servers.

5.RADIUS test rig utility — This testing tool is provided by Juniper Networks, it is a client utility tool and is also known as Radius Test. This testing tool runs on Windows as a portable program which does not require any installation.



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