Privileged Access Management is a security network framework that aims in avoiding the abuse of privileged accounts.

In privileged access management, users are granted access to the info after a series of questions which are actually passwords and a measure to ensure only the certified user is allowed in the system. The credentials of the privileged users are kept safe in a PAM system, and once they have accessed it by answering the question, they are directed to the PAM system where they can access their credentials and use the info, this system thus makes one more security layering.

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PAM is one of the most effective network security systems and is a reliable one as well.

Many companies tend to use the Privileged Access Management system to safeguard their servers and to make sure only verified users access the data which is needed.

If you’re not having PAM as a part of your organization, then your data is more likely to be breached easily. Here are some of the risks to which you are exposing your customers and your company.

1. Cyberattacks

2. Decentralized PAM

3. Unsecured password management

1. Cyberattacks:

Cyberattacks are a hard task to pull off, and with the advancement in technology, cybercrimes are increasing day by day.

And if you’re not having PAM your company assets, data, information, and lots of other confidential things are at risk of cyberattack, and anyone can use them for illegal or mean purposes.

2. Decentralized PAM:

Decentralized PAM can be defined as a way of managing access manually, and it can lead to inconsistent policy enforcement across the brand, which is equivalent to having no policies at all.

It creates a lot of problems for IT to manage the accounts and other stuff of the company appropriately.

3. Unsecured password management:

Unsecured password management makes it easy for anyone to access the data, even new hires can do that which makes your data and info much more vulnerable and you can not trust everyone with that.



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