Risks Associated with Unmanaged Privileged Access Accounts!

Fox Pass
Jul 28, 2022

There is a great structure to many high-profile data breaches: they were compromising privileged credentials that allowed them to be carried out. According to modern industry research, privileged access management accounts are compromised in as many as 80% of security incidents.

This is the risk, conventional approaches to managing privileged accounts continue to rely on manual, time consuming operations carried out irregularly or on an as needed basis.

Almost every type of IT businesses have some privileged accounts that are unrecognized or unmanaged which is able to raise their risk. There are several causes for this to occur:

1. Access was never restricted for an ex-employee

2. The usage of a given declines over time, eventually leading to its abandonment.

3. New device default accounts were never disabled

Privileged Access Management



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