RBAC — Benefits and Practices

Role-based access control is a security system that restricts network access based on the person’s role /position in an organization. The access to the network is divided into levels on the basis of employees who can access the network.

It has become one of the most important methods of advanced access control.

In a role-based access control system, employees are only allowed to access the information which is necessary for them to perform their tasks efficiently.

Access granted to individuals is based on many factors, like — authority, responsibility, and job competency. Not just this but a role-based access control system also allows restriction to computer resources as well, which can limit a person to specific tasks such as view, create, or modify a file.

Let’s have a look at the practices and benefits of RBAC.


If you are looking forward to introducing a role-based access control system to your firm, then please make sure it should not happen without a thoughtful process. There are a lot of steps to implement it, without causing unnecessary confusion. Here’s a list of things you should figure out first.

1. Current Status:
For starters make a list and check every software, hardware, and application you have for security purposes. Physical security is also a vital part of your data, so include that as well.
Once you are done with this, check the status of the information access.

2. Current Roles:
Make a list of people in your company and the role they have.
Also, make a detailed report of information access they need to perform their tasks.

3. Write a Policy:
If any changes or edits are required then make sure to make a documented form for that, it should all be in writing.
It actually helps in proper functioning and is easy for the RBAC system to gather info.

Some of the benefits of the role-based access control system are -

1. Reducing administrative work and IT support:
RBAC can actually help you to a great extent in reducing the paperwork and password changing process.
It makes it really very convenient to add and switch roles and implement them quickly.

2. Operational efficiency:
RBAC makes sure to maximize your team’s and your working efficiency. It makes it easy for the user to align the roles within the organizational structure.



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