LDAP And Its Uses

With the rapid increase and advancement in the IT sector and business world, the need to keep credentials and data safe has become a necessity, because there are thousands of trespassers, hackers sitting out there, which are just waiting for your one tiny mistake to overtake your data and misuse it. Though, thanks to the progress of technology we are blessed with lots of security systems that are specialized in their own way to make sure no breaching of information or any data takes place.

Depending on the kind of organization you are having or you owe your requirements for the kind of security system you need would vary. Well, one of the most developed and often used security systems is LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

LDAP is security software that allows the users and applications to access, verify and find any sort of information required in an organization. The main aim and the ease of LDAP are that it connects the organization users with clients, which makes the data safe from both the server and client end to use and access. LDAP is actually a vendor-neutral application protocol that is used to maintain the info in a distributed directory in an organized way, which means it allows you to maintain a directory and store information about its items.


Actually, LDAP has a diverse set of subcases, but mainly LDAP authentication helps organizations to store access usernames and passwords within the network and related applications. LDAP is used as a communication system between active directory and similar directory services. If one has to talk about LDAP on a functional level, then it connects LDAP users to an LDAP server.

If accessed, setup, and used properly, organizations can use it as a way of storing and verifying basic credentials information whenever someone tries to access it.



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