Identity and Access Management technologies and tools

IAM systems are used to provide flexibility to establish groups with specific privileges for specific roles so that access rights based on employee job functions can be uniformly assigned.
With Identity and Access Management, organizations can implement a range of digital authentication methods to prove digital identity and authorize access to corporate resources.
The most common type of digital authentication is the unique password. To make passwords more secure, some organizations require longer or complex passwords that require a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. Pre-shared key (PSK) is another type of digital authentication where the password is shared among users authorized to access the same resources — think of a branch office Wi-Fi password. This type of authentication is less secure than individual passwords.
Modern IAM systems use biometrics for more precise authentication. For instance, they collect a range of biometric characteristics, including fingerprints, irises, faces, palms, gaits, voices, and in some cases, DNA. Biometrics and behavior-based analytics have been found to be more effective than passwords.



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