Identity And Access Management — A Complete Guide!!!

What Is Identity And Access Management?

Identity and access management (IDM) is a framework of policies and technologies which is mainly used for people to access the right services. Earlier, the system was used by a pre-established system with duplicated data circulated across the network and among third party users. To make it more efficient, you can add another service and your identity infrastructure to match well with it.

Main Aspect Of Identity And Access Management?

The main aspect of the IAM system is that the data filled in for identity access can be used across all new applications. The key identity information will be collected from a reliable and authoritative source such as payroll, human resources, student information, and such other and maintained quite well for catering further identity access needs.

However, the collected information is subject to alter or improve the services based on a person’s affiliation or role with the registered institute. The main aspect of this kind of management may include administrative processes, policy, technical systems which are considered an integral of this overall process.

Goal Behind The Development Of Identity And Access Management System

The development of identity and access management is done entirely on a simple goal of ensuring the users to gain easy access to the data and applications that they need. By using a series of advanced systems, getting to the desired level of the point is considerably very simple and easy.

Many prominent organizations have a wide variety of different systems in operation. Different wings of the organization may be responsible for handling and managing those systems, and they might need to implement a wide range of processes and methods to acquire user information and approvals. By following a credible identity and access management system, the organization can bring its inner operations more open and convenient for every user.

IAM Tools Include

  1. Password management tools
  2. Security policy enforcement tools
  3. Software provisioning tools
  4. Reporting and monitoring apps
  5. Identity repositories

Applications Of Identity And Access Management

  • API Security:

Enabling IAM for integration to the cloud, microservices-based architecture, Single-sign-on (SSO) applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) device authorization.

  • Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM):

Enabling IAM for comprehensive self-service, profile and authentication management of users in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space.

  • Identity Analytics (IA):

Enabling IAM for detection and prevention of risky identity behaviours by using artificial intelligence and statistical algorithms.

  • Identity as a Service (IDaaS):

Identity and access management that’s offered with the popular SaaS model, and usually offer SSO, user account provisioning, and access request management.

  • Identity Management and Governance (IMG):

Enabling identity and access management to govern the identity lifecycle, especially suitable for compliance with privacy and identity regulations.

Benefits Of Using Identity And Access Management Solutions

  • Enforcing best practices
  • Mitigating insider threats
  • Tracking anomalies
  • Multi-factor security
  • Improving user experience
  • Simplifying auditing and reporting for compliance
  • Enhancing security profiles
  • Increasing productivity and much more.

Challenges Of Using Identity And Access Management Solutions

  • Distributed workforce and applications
  • Productive provisioning
  • Password Problems
  • Regulatory Compliance

Enterprise IAM challenges are combinations of smaller more addressable elements; one of which are those of the ISV. ISVs develop enterprise applications, which all require security access and audit features, the development, and maintenance of which can consume up to 20% of their R&D budget and it is not a profit center. In addition, aftermarket enterprise demands for any number of IAM integration requirements can delay sales cycles and add to the development burden.

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