IAM — Its Tools and Benefits

IAM stands for identity and access management and it is a security system server and a framework of business processes, policies, and technologies for the management to work on a digital basis. IAM helps the professionals in a company control user access to data with the help of identity access management.

Identity and access management work based on many verification processes, namely — single sign-on, two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, and privileged access management.

It consists of many components and they are -

1. Identification of individuals

2. Identification of roles and their assigning

3. Adding, removing, and updating individuals and their roles

4. Assigning access levels of access

5. Protecting the data and the system

IAM Tools

- The technology of identity and access management is designed to simplify the user provision and account setup processes.

- These systems should decrease the time of the workflow and the errors. Also, it increases productivity as well.

- The tools of this system are designed in a way so that they can balance between the speed and automation of the data access management and administrators can monitor and modify the access rights.


Identity and access management systems offer a lot of benefits to their users and some of them are -

1. The access privileges to secured data are granted based on policy.

2. All the individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorized, and audited to make sure data is not breached.

3. Provide greater control of user access to the companies.

4. Allows the business to work more efficiently and without any much time wastage.

5. Identity Access and Management make it easier for the authorities to enforce policies for validation and privileges purposes.



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