IAM And its Products

Identity and access management or IAM is a security network framework that is designed for verification of identities for the management of electronic and digital identities. It is an authentication process of the IT sector that helps to keep track and check on the access grant permission of users to critical information. The working mechanism of IAM includes — single sign-on systems, two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, and privileged access management. This security system helps the users to keep a record of securely stored identity and profile data.

Having a look at the security systems getting trespassed, IAM was introduced as it has a lot of verification components for users to go through which henceforth makes sure no one gets the permission to the information without providing their significant credentials and without showing their proper identities. Additionally, IAM has a lot of other features as well, namely — biometrics, behavior analytics, and AI.

The products of Identity and Access management offer role-based access control to the systems and data. An Identity and Access Management system do the following tasks here -

Capture and record user info login information.

Manage the enterprise database of the user identities.

Control the assignment and removal of access privileges.

IAM Products

Identity and access management products are actually the security network systems that come up with the IAM structure to protect the data. Some of its top products are -

  1. Cisco Duo
  2. Idaptive/CyberArk
  3. Oracle

1. Cisco Duo :

This product runs on a working mechanism of the Zero Trust Model and IAM properties. This product was introduced in the market in the year 2018 and it also had micro-segmentation technology, SD-access fabric, and Identity Services NAC. Irrespective of the fact that it is a smaller IAM version but it is still effective and leaves its client with happy reviews.

2. Adaptive/CyberArk :

This product works on behavior analytics and adaptive access et to manage the identities, it is one of the leading products of IAM. This product is a result of a merger between a leading IAM vendor and a top privileged access management company, it was introduced in 2020. This merger can make CyberArk a Zero Trust Player as well.

3. Oracle :

With excellent authentication and access management features, Oracle is one of the leading IAM products. They have put together outstanding access management features spanning the cloud.



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