Privileged access management is a security system that allows organizations to control and monitor the activity of privileged users who can access the data.

PAM solutions are convenient ways to help administrators monitor access to critical business resources and ensure that systems remain secure. PAM acts as an extra security layer that protects vital business systems and encourages better governance and compliance with data regulations.

Let’s have a look at some of the best privileged access management solutions.


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ARCON’s risk-management solutions are designed in such a way as to make sure that data is secure. It also safeguards privacy by predicting risk situations, protecting organizations against those risks, and preventing them from progressing into incidents.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) by Arcon allows enterprise security teams to secure and manage the entire lifecycle of their privileged accounts. Its primary purpose is to protect privileged credentials from the exploits of insider attacks and third-party cybercrime.

Arcon PAM has a specialized feature of a secure password vault that automates frequent password changes. The vault is responsible for generating and storing solid and dynamic passwords, which authorized users can only access. Users have to go through multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access the vault.

ARCON also offers native software-based one-time-password (OTP) validation to verify users’ identities. In addition, this tool is integrated with third-party authentication solutions that allow the organization to build layers of authentication around the vault.

The PAM security system offered by Arcon provides a complete audit trail of privileged activities, reports, and analytics of the results, via the solution’s reporting engine. This allows the managers and auditors to assess the organization’s compliance status as needed.


BeyondTrust is the leading vendor in the market for privileged access management. They offer various solutions that deliver high visibility and security across endpoint, server, cloud, DevOps, and network device environments.

PAM is BeyondTrust’s best solution for managing and auditing internal and third-party remote privileged access without any need for a VPN. It enables employee productivity, irrespective of the location, while keeping bad actors from accessing critical business systems.

Privileged Remote Access offered by BeyondTrust stores passwords in a secure cloud-based on-appliance vault. It is delivered as software by BeyondTrust.

While using PAM by BeyondTrust, do not expose the user’s credentials at any point during sign-in. Admins can also set authorization and notification preferences to receive alerts when accessing Privileged Remote Access. These notifications are remote worker-friendly, thus allowing the admins to approve access requests and monitor usage on their mobile devices from any location.


Privileged Access Management solution offered by Foxpass automates server and network access, hence protecting critical business systems and reducing the strain on an IT team’s resources.

Their system is designed to integrate with any methods that an organization already has in place, including cloud mail systems and existing SSO solutions, so that customers can set up their protection in just a few minutes.

Privileged Access Management solution offered by Foxpass also offers self-service SSH Key and password management with MFA and password rotation. In addition, admins are granted the freedom to set password requirements within an easy-to-use interface.

In addition, Foxpass is well-known in the market for its 24/7 technical support, particularly its live video support calls.

The privileged Access Management solution by Foxpass is a robust solution for any sized organization looking for user-friendly PAM security that’s easy to integrate and deploy.

Privileged access


CyberArk holds one of the most significant shares in the PAM market. They offer enterprise-level, policy-driven solutions to their users that allow IT teams to secure, manage and record privileged account activities.

They specifically offer a Core Privileged Access Security (PAS) solution that provides multi-layered access security for privileged accounts and comes with over 500 “out of the box” integrations. Additionally, this security system’s centralized management and reporting give admins a clear insight into who is accessing critical systems and why.

Core PAS scans the network now and then to detect privilege access.

CyberArk also has an Advanced/better version of their Core Privileged Access Security, including centrally managed granular access controls for least privilege server protection and network monitoring.

Both the solutions offered by CyberArk integrate fully with the Standard solution. In addition, their answer comes with on-premises, cloud, and SaaS deployment options, thus making it suitable for all organizations, no matter their state of the cloud transition.



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