Identity and access management is a set of security network frameworks, which is established and formed to allow access to the data to a person on the basis of their identity. One can only access and scroll through the data when one has proved their identity.

IAM actually helps supervisors to control user access to critical information of an organization.

It also provides one with the option to block or grant access to an individual.

The IAM market has gone through significant changes and new and better software and solutions to safeguard the data.

Here are some of the best and updated software versions of Identity and Access Management.

  1. Cisco
  2. Oracle
  3. Okta
  4. IBM
Identity and access management

1. Cisco:

Cisco has eased and resolved the network issue to a great extent by compiling and forming a software of IAM and Zero trust together.

Cisco has introduced tetration micro-segmentation technology, SD-Access fabric, and Identity Services NAC solution, and has become the only service provider to offer micro-segmentation, IAM, and zero trust.

2. Oracle:

Oracle has put together the strongest Identity and Access management software that extends to the cloud.

This context-based software deals with a lot of applications, systems, and servers.

3. Okta:

Okta is the leading brand in IAM, authentication, and sign-on.

They have applied a simple SaaS-based approach, which allowed the users to implement IAM and zero trust without a lot of complexity. One can also do behavioral tracking with this software. This product also offers a number of authentication options, including multi-factor, single sign-on, and biometric.

4. IBM:

IBM offers quite user-friendly and easy-to-use systems to their users.

Their software products offer greater functionality than the SaaS product, but IBM ranks in the top half of IAM products.

The software has really very advanced features.



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