Access Control To Protect Data and Networks

Access control or the management of the rights and access to sensitive data, system components, cloud services, online apps and other accounts is critical to data and network security. RBAC is also known as role based access control. It is an industry leading solution with several advantages. It is a network access control (NAC) function that distributes permissions and grants access to users depending on their job within an organization.

RBAC is a simple techniques to control access and secure sensitive data and it works as follow:-

Consider a hotel with keycard controlled entrances. A keycard is handed to a guest for entry to a single room, a maid for access to any room on an assigned level and a maintenance worker for access to all doors in the building. Everyone is issued a card but their level of access is governed by their position.

RBAC may be further streamlined in large companies by forming groups. Because responsibilities are given to groups, individuals can move about within the company but their access is limited to the groups to which they have been assigned.

Role based access control



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